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TLDR: our last few hours, but we made them worth it. This is the third and final day of my weekend with A, a 0-something woman I'd met online and was spending a weekend with in a cabin somewhere in the western US. On our first day together, I spanked her until she cried, covered her with come, gave head to a squirter for the first time, and ed her until the mattress was soaked. The next day: more sex, more spanking (both of us got it), a little ball play, and plenty of kinky stuff. For those of you who need to know, I'm 6' tall and was about 80 at the time of this story. A had long dark hair, dark brown eyes, C or D cup breasts, was about '6 and 0 pounds, and was divorced with children who were at their dad's. She had nice hips, a great ass, and was open to pretty much anything I wanted. She was about 0, and I was in my mid-0s. In thinking about Sunday, we must have woken up pretty early because I'm not sure how else we could've managed everything that we did. I know that around 9:0 we walked a mile to a local cafe to get some breakfast, and then walked back, and I know that before breakfast we packed everything, so my best guess is that we got up around six or so. A and I were both pretty glum. In addition to all the sex we'd had, we'd discovered that we really liked each other. A lot. I think I was in love with her, and as I learned later she was in love with me. But we both knew that the distance would make things next to impossible, and neither of us was in a position to move I'd just taken a new job in my home state, and she couldn't leave hers because her ex-husband lived there and he had visitation rights with the kids. Still, we weren't going to let the glumness spoil our fun. I did manage to ask her to go down on me again, which she was only too happy to do. Not just because she was submissive, but because she seemed to really enjoy doing it. This time I was on my back on the bed and she was kneeling between my legs. As I watched her mouth moving along the shaft of my cock, I wondered why I hadn't asked for this more often. I could have asked for a blowjob every hour and she would have obliged for that weekend, I was the dominant one and she was more than happy to submit but looking back on it I think the two I got were plenty. We did enough other stuff that I really don't feel regretful not getting more blowjobs. Remember how I said on the first day that A didn't like when a man came in her mouth? Well, after a good ten minutes or so, I felt my orgasm coming closer and I warned her so that she could do whatever she wanted when I came. I was guessing she'd finish me with her hand or something. But instead, she kept going. I asked if she was sure, and, her mouth full and at the base of my cock, said, "mm-hmm". That was all the encouragement I needed. My orgasm hit and I filled her mouth with my come, watching her as she held the head mature ebony porn pic of my cock in her mouth and swallowed several times. When she came up to lie next to me, I asked her why she did that, told her she didn't have to, and she just said "I wanted to." Good enough reason for me. After I recovered enough, I told A I wanted to slap her inner thighs, and of course she spread her legs for me. I left a few good marks, and she had bruises for at least a day. And then I took advantage of the position and went down on her for a good long time, until I was hard again. So, fun fact: A had never been double-penetrated before. (Also fun fact: I had never done that either.) But we had plenty of toys, and soon she was on her tummy, a thick dildo inside of her and my slick cock pressing insistently at her ass. If I thought she'd been tight before, it was nothing compared to now. It was a fight to get in, and I know it hurt her, but I gave her every opportunity to tell me to stop and she kept telling me to keep going. Apparently the dildo was also a mature asian milf pics vibrator, because once I finally had her ass in the right condition to start ing her, she turned it on. When you liked this post in addition to you want to receive more details concerning mature hairy picture generously stop by our own webpage. I have no way to describe the feeling other than how I already have. The vibrations came up along the underside of my cock as I worked myself in and out of her still too tight to really her hard or fast and the sensations were almost overwhelming. I know they nearly overwhelmed her; over her moans I could hear the sound of the dildo as she moved it in and out of her as best she could. But it was getting too distracting. I reached underneath and took it out, and the sensation was so vastly different that it took a moment to re-accustom myself. And then I ed her ass, hard and deep, holding her wrists behind her back, pulling her hair, grabbing her throat or her breasts, and each time I hurt her (consensually) in a different way another orgasm hit her, a big enough one each time that I could hear the splashing. I came at some point, but I was so turned on that I barely noticed it; I pulled out of her, turned her on her back, and went down on her until she was shaking with the overload of sensation, my face and the bed soaked, my tongue almost numb. I think that was a pretty good way to end what might very well have been our final sexual encounter. Once we recovered, we packed, went to breakfast, and came back. I had a timeline I had to leave at eleven to pick some of the other conference-goers up at the airport before we headed up into the mountains, and she had to be home in time to pick up her kids from her ex-husband. There were tears on both sides as we said goodbye. As I said before, it was clear that we were both in love with each other, and feeling the pain of knowing that we couldn't keep doing this because our lives were so far apart. It was hard to watch her leave, but I did, until her car turned the corner and was gone. I went back inside, sat on the couch, and allowed myself to cry a little more before I packed up my final items, stripped the bed, loaded up my rental car, and locked the door behind me. Coda: The conference was a lot of fun, and I made several great friends there. Every night, I got on skype with A and we talked some more, and then we'd have skype sex. It wasn't as good as in person, especially since we now knew just how compatible we were with each other not just sexually, not just in terms of kink, but as people. When I got home, we continued to chat online and have skype sex, but after a month or so she said that she didn't see a future for the relationship and that we should end it. We were both sad about that, but I understood why she said what she did. I told her I loved her and I wished her nothing but the best; she told me she loved me, and wished things could have been different. As it turned out, they were. But that is another story for another time. very_hard_spanker

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