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A wise man once said Only a determined soul may squirm their way through friend zone "Hi there Seth," said a familiar voice from behind me. I wigs for mature women jumped in surprise, almost dropping the shot glass I was wiping. I turned and saw Vanessa sitting on the bar. Her beautiful face leaning on her slender long arms. Vanessa and I had been friends ever since we were seven years old. Eventually, we grew up and had a life of our own. She went to university and I went to work as a bartender in a pub. I knew her quite well. She never liked alcohol and smoke, which apparently filled the whole pub I was working at. She never set foot in a pub before. She usually ranted at how much she hated her boyfriend going there after his work. If you have any sort of concerns pertaining to where and ways to make use of best milf free, you could call us at our own web-page. I remembered that time when she cried on the phone with me when she learnt that her boyfriend lied about not smoking. When she had problems, I was there listening to her and offered advice. It's funny that people tend to ask for relationship advice from people who never been in a relationship before. When I was 16, I wrote a love letter to her. I was young and stupid. She laughed at me and told me that she only treated me as her best friend. Nothing more and nothing less. After all these years, I never had a girl who managed to replace her in my life. "Hi there Vanessa!" I greeted her as I placed down the glass, still recovering from the fact that Vanessa was in a pub. "What brings you here?" She laughed. "Why would one walk into a bar? To get a drink of course." she smiled. But I recognised that smile. She was hiding her sadness. Did I say that she loathed alcoholics? "To drink?" I was surprised. I stood there not knowing what to do next. "Yes idiot. I came here to drink," she sounded annoyed at my foolishness. I raised my eyebrows as I stated at her idiotically. "What are you standing there for. Aren't you the bartender that is serving me?" she crossed her arms and pouted her pink lips. "Oh... Okay... So what do you want?" I asked her, trying super hard to sound casual. "Alcohol," that was her answer. "But there are different types of alcohol," I explained. She was ignorant about anything about alcohol. "There's rum, whiskey, vodka..." "Give me the one that can make me drunk," Vanessa replied. Her blue almond eyes full of determination. I raised my eyebrows again. "Seth... You know I hate waiting." Since all she wanted to do was to get drunk, I poured a shot of that 40% vodka for her. I watched her down its contents in one gulp. She coughed and grabbed her throat. "More," she coughed. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes!" She yelled as I shrugged and poured another shot. She downed it again in one go. She asked for the third shot and drunk it again. Her tears started dripping this time. She covered her face on the table and started weeping. The other people in the pub were looking at us. I told my colleague to take over me and tell my boss that I need to take an emergency leave. I ran around the bar and held her arms. "Let's get you back home," I whispered to her ears, smelling her auburn hair. She started sobbing a bit louder, grabbing the attention from everyone in the pub. I pulled her out of the chair and she allowed me to guide her home. She wasn't even walking in a straight. She wept and buried herself into me as I struggled to guide her back home. I knocked on her door and her father answered. shit "What's the meaning of this?" Her father bellowed. Vanessa reeked of alcohol. Imagine some guy bringing your daughter who smelled like she took a bath in alcohol. Luckily her mother came, covering her mouth at the shock. "Oh dearie!" she ran towards us. "Come in. I'll take her to her room." I gave Vanessa back to her mother but she clung on my neck like she was clinging onto dear life. "I'll bring her up," I murmured as I noticed her father's face turning red in anger. I carried her up to her room. Laying her on the bed, I whispered,"you're home now." I tried to leave but she still clung on me. "Seth... Don't... Go..." she said softly. I wasn't sure whether she was sleep talking or really begging me to stay. Her parents stood outside her room, watching us. Her father looked like he wanted to murder me. Her mother patted his chest. "Let's give her some private time," she murmured to her husband as they both closed the door. I tried pulling her away from me but she had her arms locked around the neck. "Don't go..." she sounded a bit annoyed now. "Okay," I sighed as I lay in her pink bed beside her. She was facing me. I watched her lips pout cutely and her chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm. She smelled very nice as I pulled her towards me and cuddled her. I patted her back and she snuggled into my chest. "Seth..." she whispered. I looked at her. She turned me over and sat on top of me. I could see her blushing profusely as she stared into my eyes. She bent down and kissed me. I wasn't even ready but I managed to return the kiss without being awkward. There goes my first kiss after 21 years Her tongue enveloped mine as I could feel her hot body grinding against mine. Her hand wrapped around my neck and another one playing with my ear. I blushed as I felt my growing bulge against her. She kissed me so fiercely that I almost drowned. It was a deep sensual kiss. Our saliva mixed as we continued licking each other's tongue. Kissing took most of my attention away and I keep forgetting to breathe. Eventually, she pulled her full lips away and bent over to my ear. She nibbled on it. "Seth," she whispered. "Fuck me." Thanks for reading! This is my first post here and I usually stalk around dirty penpals. I wrote this and got feedback from /r/dpptinkering. They said that I set the characters to well that this post isn't that suitable to be in dpp. So maybe I'll post it here. Give me a PM or comment whether you like it or not and if you want more. Do tell me and I'll try writing the next part of this. /u/LewdWriter

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