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Stupid bloody teacher. Any form of detention would_ve been better than this. I was stuck in S6 with Isabella, her long brown hair swishing slightly as she read from one side of her book to the other. I should_ve been reading too, but I wasn_t. I mean, how could I when SHE was in the room? Of course, she_d probably know that I had a thing for her. I_m pretty blindingly obvious like that. I_m not smooth at all at the start, but I like to think that once the ball starts rolling I_ve got some talent. Wait, no, I should be studying! Focus! Ok, let_s see, if three carbon atoms means propanol than.. The books on my desk seem to melt away as I catch myself staring once again at her. God, she was so cute. What I wouldn_t give to- Suddenly, as if I_d somehow ratted myself out she glanced around, her deep, dark eyes staring straight at me. A multitude of feelings began brawling in my gut, but nervousness overcame them, forcing my head down. Shit. Shit. Crap. My face felt like the surface of the sun, and I_m pretty sure she could see it too. I slowly glanced back up, to see that she_d turned back and had resumed working. Phew. My heart was finally slowing down. As I shook my head and turned back to the mountain of unfinished chemistry papers I realised something. A big thing. If you cherished this post and you would like to acquire additional facts relating to amature mature ebony kindly go to our own web-page. I wasn_t going to get anyone like this. No, they only like when the guy makes the first move. My pulse galloped faster. Thoughts poured into my head in a torrent. The feeling, the thoughts, the sight of her. I couldn_t just sit here any longer. I wanted her, with a deep, repressed animal desire. On the outside I guess I looked normal. Well, maybe not for my eyes. The pupils must_ve been ing huge. But on the inside I was a molotov cocktail ready to explode. Emphasis on the cock. The walk over to her desk felt like years, but was only seconds. I know, because I counted the steps in order to try and calm myself slightly. She heard me, looked up. She looked confused, but_ intrigued. Opening my mouth, I was planning on saying something like "What_d you get for question two?" but apparently my subconscious had other ideas. "Look", I said quietly into her ear, leaning close to her. "We both know that I have a thing for you and that, quite honestly, you want me too. So let_s just cut to the chance, ok?" Her face was the very personification of an appetite unfulfilled. No words escaped her, she just nodded. Yes. I had her in my grasp. Perfect. "I want to you. Hard. And I know you want that. The teacher won_t be back for another twenty minutes, so, what do you say?" After a split second of thought, she slowly, timidly, reached across and squeezed my hand, her eyes wide in anticipation, her lips silently mouthing one word. "Yes". The last string snapped with that one action. I couldn_t hold my urges any longer. Holding her I lifted her quickly over to the side bench, her gasping in surprise. I was no longer a human, I was a beast, fumbling shakily with my belt. I just wanted with every fibre of my body to just shove it in. Meanwhile she was hurriedly hitching up her skirt and thrusting her panties down her legs, exposing herself to me. I flung every drop of effort into the deed, working back and forth with such vigor she had to hold on to the other side of the desk for support. Her eyes were wide, staring up at the ceiling, her mouth wide open as she rocked back and forth with my effort. There was no stopping me, I wasn_t going to stop for anything. Our course of pleasure continued on in fevered rapture until she let out a sudden, stressed gasp. With that sound I redoubled my energy, working against her again and again, the beakers behind her tinkling with the tremors. She let out another one, closing her eyes as she tried to hold her feelings of unrelenting ecstasy inwards. Back, forth, back, forth. I was losing stamina but I wasn_t going to stop until one of us reached the edge, grunting now with the effort. I stared at her, seeing the sweat dripping off her brow, her mouth open and wide with unbearable stress and uncontrollable enjoyment. She began to moan slightly, her chest rising and falling as nylon mature legs she struggled to grasp the edge of the bench again. I grinned, pushing every last bit of effort into the final stretch. She was near the edge, and so was I. Both of us, our heads thrown back in ecstasy worked each other over and over, building up the tsunami of pressure. I was grunting more now, the effort in a constant battle with the pleasure of the moment. But finally, ever so slowly I felt us going over the edge. For the last ten seconds we were ravenous dogs, our skin smacking against each other in a frenzy to reach the finish line, her hair now wild, disheveled, breathing and moaning in tandem. I can_t.. I can_t_ Uh_ And then we were falling, finally tipping over the edge of complete ecstasy, my body feeling as if it_d been kissed by an angel, the warm exhilaration rushing around and around my body, my head completely empty as I gave one last shuddering shove. In the same moment her will broke, the stress washing over her, her back arching as her legs spasmed violently. Her breaths turned in that second into quavering moans, her entire body arched towards mine in a final image of complete loss of all wants, surrendering herself completely. I rested my hands on the bench, slowly pulling out and beginning to buckle up. I stumbled slightly, holding onto the bench for support. I looked at her again, her eyes closed, herself slowly lowering herself to lie back on the bench, her breath slowly receding. She looked like a disheveled mess, her top drenched in sweat, her skirt lying around her like a discarded toy. I coughed, panting more. When I looked up again she was completely relaxed, her breathing growing softer. Putting one hand by her shoulder I slowly leaned over, staring at her with a tired, knowing grin. "So," I said, "Same time tomorrow?" Pillowchook

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