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White and pink paisley. That was all I could think about on the drive home from school. How badly I wanted to pull out my phone out to get a third, fourth, fifth look at the picture Leslie texted me just before the end of class. It wasn_t much, just a hint of the soft skin of her inner thighs right up the hemline of her white and pink panties. Just enough to get the idea of what I was looking at. Just enough to leave me rock hard and dying for release. Sadly, I had to get home-strict parents and whatnot-so it was hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. But how my mind was racing. Pulling into the driveway I noticed my sister_s nude japanese mature women car was gone (recent college grad, stuck at home due to the shitty job market) as was my mother_s. Not entirely unusual, but typically my mom stuck around in the afternoon_s to "make sure I didn_t get into trouble," as if I was still a little kid. (In my defense, the time I set a part of the garage on fire was an honest accident and no one got hurt. Yes, the lawnmower was destroyed but it was a piece of shit anyway.) No one home meant sweet, sweet release and it couldn_t come any faster-I couldn_t remember my cock ever being so stiff and swollen. I bolted inside, bounded up the stairs and into my bedroom, not concerned with closing the door behind me. Fumbling with my belt and zipper, and trying to extricate my phone at the same time proved a frustrating and painful mistake. Phone out first, onto the bed. Pants off second, jeans and boxers into a pile on the floor. It took an enormous amount of discipline (especially for a overly horny teenager) not to grab my cock and just stroke away. Somehow, I summoned the patience to unlock my phone and navigate with trembling fingers to Leslie_s panty pic before gingerly grasping my dick. I knew I wouldn_t last long and was prepared to explode in just a few gentle strokes. And just before that first, delicious upstroke, I realized with a full-body shock that I was NOT. ALONE. Standing in the doorway, mouth turned in a wry smile, was my mother. Here I am, naked from the waist down, sitting on the corner of my bed with a raging erection in one hand, and the panty pic of my high school crush in the other. I can honestly say I had absolutely no thoughts in my brain. It_s like they saw what was going down and were like, " it-you_re on your own, buddy." She spoke first: "I seem to be interrupting." My mouth was beyond dry. It was super-Saharan. Should you loved this post and you would like to receive more info regarding assed mature generously visit our own web-page. I hadn_t lost the power of speech-it was if I had never learned language at all. And yet, I felt my dick pulse in my hand. And suddenly, one thought did come to me then: WHY I AM STILL HARD AS A STEEL ROD!? "I assume that_s a picture of your girlfriend?" She asked like we were talking about something completely ordinary. Like she hadn_t just walked in on her son mere moments away from an explosive orgasm. She walked into my room and sat down next to me, hip-to-hip. I could feel her warm body through the thin sundress she was wearing. Gently, she took the phone from my right hand (hey, I_m a lefty-big deal), set on the bed and laid her hand on my upper thigh, inches from the base of my still throbbing cock which was still in my grasp-I was still so frozen I never thought to let it go! "Let_s just take care of that," she said, reaching over with her other hand and slowly-and I mean slowly-sliding it down over the head of my cock, stroking down and nudging my hand free of its grasp. When the bottom of her hand came to rest against the softly tangled curls of hair at the base of my cock, she quickly tightened her grip and stroked upwards. I came. In that one stroke, I came testi i matures so hard I swear my vision dimmed and the world nearly disappeared. After a moment, I returned to Earth long enough to realize she was gently milking my erection-thick bands of cum, more than I had ever seen from my own body-rolling down her knuckles. On each up and down stroke, my whole body shook involuntarily-this was not like any orgasm I had ever given myself. This was transcendental. After what felt like the passing of a thousand years (but was probably like, 10 seconds, maybe), she stopped and then did something that, despite what had just happened, stuck in my mind as "The Moment When Things Changed." With her cum-free hand, she lifted the hem of her sundress up hairy matures video past her hips, revealing a pair of lacy blue panties. Then, very deliberately, she rubbed her hand up and down the front of those panties, passing multiple times over her clit, each time rubbing a little deeper until all of the cum was gone from her hand. Still reeling from the first handjob I had ever received, from the most intensely pleasurable experience of my young life to that point, and from the fact that it came from my mother_s small hand, I had yet to summon anything remotely resembling an intelligent sound. My mother, still with a strangely sensual smile, slipped off her lacy panties, dropped them into my lap, and stood up from the bed while letting her dress fall just slowly enough so that I got a quick glimpse at her (surprising to me) fine bare bottom. "Don_t mention this to anyone," she said with a small chuckle. "Not like anyone would truly believe it, but let_s not ruin the fun." I took that to mean there was more to come (so to speak). And with that, all of my brain came back online with one, thundering thought: WHAT. THE. FUCK. /u/neurofield2000

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